Monday, November 16, 2009

Exciting Week

This should be a fairly exciting next couple of weeks.  I finished the first half of the 135 Prime project, and i'm waiting on the go-ahead to come in and shoot the menu.  In the mean-time I've been furiously working on my website and I think it's now good enough to replace my old one.  It's a significant improvement from the old one.  I built this site from the ground up for everything except for the gallery page, which I would like to eventually have a modified version of the homepage, but with a scrolling thumbnail chooser like the viewer I have on the gallery page now.  I haven't yet worked out the kinks with Internet Explorer (sorry!), so if you use IE and try and visit my site, you will be redirected to the old one until I have more time to beat IE into submission.  Just use a more secure and faster browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Speaking of Internet Explorer, I have an interview with Microsoft on Thursday (and one with Dell on the 4th of December).  Pray this goes well and that they see how smart I am and are willing to pay me big bucks to write the next Windows.  I will spend the rest of the week reviewing principles in C++, as well as my algorithms, data structures, encoding procedures, and cryptographic principles now that my website is more or less presentable.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Busy Saturday

I've been surprisingly busy lately. I've really been trying to finish my website. I finished the homepage, but everything past that I have no idea how to style the pages. It should be up within the next week I would hope.

Other things that have kept me busy other than my new website is my recent trip to Waco where I am taking the marketing shots for 135 Prime. While we were there on Saturday (for 6 hours), Anna's dad's fellow dentist from church called and asked if we could take some shots of him for a website he is having made for his office. And then after that, we had to rush to the in-laws to catch Stephanie and Maggie before they went out trick or treating. Oh yes and then we immediately went to my parent's house for dinner. It was a busy saturday to say the least. Here are some shots from the day, except for the 135 Prime images, which I have not gotten to yet:

The challenge for Mark was his glasses.  Absolutely everything in his backyard reflected off them.  A little positioning and photoshop magic fixed most of it.

This is Maggie the duck.  I love the yellow she's wearing against the green of the grass.  I didn't noise ninja Maggie's images.  Even though I shot at ISO 400, I thought it might take something away from the image.  I feel like my camera has had more noise at lower ISOs than it used to...  I'll just sit and wait for my d700...

I was playing with a setting in lightroom called 'clarity'.  Turns out, if you turn it way down, everything magically smooths out!