Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Busy Saturday

I've been surprisingly busy lately. I've really been trying to finish my website. I finished the homepage, but everything past that I have no idea how to style the pages. It should be up within the next week I would hope.

Other things that have kept me busy other than my new website is my recent trip to Waco where I am taking the marketing shots for 135 Prime. While we were there on Saturday (for 6 hours), Anna's dad's fellow dentist from church called and asked if we could take some shots of him for a website he is having made for his office. And then after that, we had to rush to the in-laws to catch Stephanie and Maggie before they went out trick or treating. Oh yes and then we immediately went to my parent's house for dinner. It was a busy saturday to say the least. Here are some shots from the day, except for the 135 Prime images, which I have not gotten to yet:

The challenge for Mark was his glasses.  Absolutely everything in his backyard reflected off them.  A little positioning and photoshop magic fixed most of it.

This is Maggie the duck.  I love the yellow she's wearing against the green of the grass.  I didn't noise ninja Maggie's images.  Even though I shot at ISO 400, I thought it might take something away from the image.  I feel like my camera has had more noise at lower ISOs than it used to...  I'll just sit and wait for my d700...

I was playing with a setting in lightroom called 'clarity'.  Turns out, if you turn it way down, everything magically smooths out!

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  1. It's probably a real good thing that your father-in-law has such good contacts!!!!!!